Job Description

Art Coordinator I
Department: Project Management
Position: Art Coordinator I
Role and responsibilities:
  • Understanding every aspect of the art requirement of a given project. 

  • Collaborate with department art leads & finalize the moodboard of a project. 

  • Analyze, prepare and maintain art asset sheet as per the project requirements 

  • Get the estimates from respective teams & Work closely with the production team in creating schedules for the art department  

  • Ensure that all assets created by the art team conform to the style and technical guidelines of the title. 

  • Communicating with clients & sharing the art updates with them regularly. 

  • Effectively communicate the clients feedback with the team & making sure to filter out any non-relevant feedback. 

  • Providing the approved art works to the production team. 

  • Managing all the art tasks via PMS tool. 

  • Becoming the bridge between the development team & the art team. 

  • Inspire, motivate, and mentor other artists in best practices, processes, and procedures pertaining to production. 

  • Ensure that art assets are delivered according to the product requirements 

  • Ensure mutual understanding exists between project lead, tech team and artists from concept design to asset delivery 

  • Experience in creating a broad range of art styles in both 2D and 3D mediums. 

  • Proficient with standard industry tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya and with a high capacity to learn new tools. 

  • Deep understanding of Game Engines and dedicated platforms budget requirements 

  • Familiarity with all types of game art: 2D, 3D, UI, animation and visual effects. 

  • Basic familiarity with Unity3D including lighting, material setup, animation system and general workflows 

  • Able and willing to get their hands dirty with Photoshop / Maya / Max etc. 

  • A strong understanding of anatomy and architecture 

  • Have a passion for the industry and an understanding of market trends and styles. 

  • Experience with mobile game production process 

  • Have effective analytical, written, oral, team, interpersonal, planning and organizational skills. 

  • Have conflict resolution and problem-solving skills 

  • Have excellent communication skills, including tact and diplomacy 

  • Able to work on multiple projects simultaneously and take ownership of their art asset development 

  • Clear and proactive communication, and ability to give constructive feedback