Job Description

Business Development Manager
Department: Business Development
Position: Manager - Business Development
Role and responsibilities:

Major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of business development manager: 

  • Develop networks towards sourcing for new clients 

  • Work independently on customers needs 

  • Identify and develop resources relevant to business development and sales goals 

  • Sell company services to prospective customers (B2B). 

  • Oversee the organizational effectiveness, management development, and leadership development of the organization towards improving the core content of the company 

  • Attract, as well as retain clients by developing highly creative outreach strategies along with marketing director in the organization 

  • Work in line with the operational procedures of the organization towards its revenue generation and growth goals 

  • Manage a sizable number of members of staff to ensure they perform tasks of the organization as prescribed by management 

  • Bachelor’s degree in sales related fields of study, including at least 10 years in client relationship management, professional services, business development, team leadership, Human Resources and B2B sales 

  • Strong leadership capability 

  • Strong relationship management skills 

  • Ability to grow and maintain relationship with any individual, irrespective of the background and type of personality 

  • Possession of good sense of humor 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 

  • Strong creativity and critical thinking abilities 

  • Ability to work with recent technological applications relating to daily tasks 

  • Strong detail-orientation and top level self organization 

  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously 

  • Willingness to put in more working hours, even at odd times 

  • Possess reliable problem-solving ability