Job Description

SEO Specialist
Department: Digital Marketing
Position: SEO Specialist II
Role and responsibilities:

Key Functional Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities 

  • Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages 

  • Provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific  

  • Administer search engine programs (XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools) for purposes of diagnostic reporting on client projects 

  • Help to create and support marketing content to socialize and use for social media purposes (e.g., customer videos briefs, customer case studies, blog posts, posts from analysts and customers) 

  • Implement link building campaigns in coordination with client SEO goals 

  • Assist in development and execution of communication/content strategies via social communities in coordination with SEO goals 

  • Keep pace with SEO, search engine, social media and internet marketing industry trends and developments 

  • Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance client goals 

  • Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels  

  • Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results 

  • Our primary objective is to generate leads (especially from the US, Canada, Australia & Europe) through our website.  

  • Strategize & lead the team to achieve the milestones.  



Professional Skills & Qualifications: 

  • Proficiency in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

  • Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word  

  • Proficiency in website analysis using a variety of analytic tools including Google Analytics as well as internal reporting tool 

  • Proficiency in popular keyword tools (Google, Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, etc 

  • Proficiency in CMS and building/administering content in CMS environments 

  • Desired: Knowledge of HTML/CSS and website administrations