Job Description

Senior 2D Artist
Department: Concept Art
Position: Senior 2D Artist
Role and responsibilities:
  • Model sheets and turnarounds for characters that convey personality and proper anatomy (even in highly exaggerated designs) that can be easily translated into 3D models. 

  • Environment and Prop concepts that convey mood, display clear construction (be it organic or architectural), and express a consistent style that can be easily translated into 3D models. 

  • Paint over of existing environments to guide artistic design, lighting and mood. 

  • Collaborate with team members from all disciplines to drive our creative vision forward. 

  • 4+ years in the industry as an artist contributing to at least 2 shipped games. 

  • Work well within an established art style. 

  • Experience generating designs from written, verbal, and roughly drawn ideas, and iterating from thumbs to final pieces. 

  • Superior eye for light, value, color, lines, and detail in all stages of conceptual work. 

  • Exceptional understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette when designing for 3D. 

  • Expertise with Photoshop is a must. 

  • Bold and inspirational under tight deadlines. 

  • Can collaborate with the give and take of constructive critiques. 

  • Team player  

  • Have a positive attitude and a constant drive to succeed. 

  • Love games and know the creation process inside out.  


  • Avid gamer and mobile app enthusiast 

  • Portfolio that shows interesting, stylized characters and environments. 

  • Strong foundation in the traditional arts: color theory, figure drawing, traditional 2D animation, illustration, background layout, and/or painting are all big pluses. 

  • Working understanding of or skills with 3D modeling and texture painting is a plus