Job Description

Intern Concept Artist
Department: Concept Art
Position: Intern 2d Artist
Role and responsibilities:


  • Create quick and detailed drawings and paintings of environments, characters, buildings, vehicles, and props. 

  • Liaising with the producer, art director, game developer, etc regarding the brief for the project 

  • Researching concept subjects, styles & genres  

  • Responding positively & proactively to feedback  

  • Continuing to develop concepts & designs for the duration of the production process 

  • Use traditional and technological approaches to create designs in 2D and 3D through drawing and painting 

  • Explain and pitch your ideas clearly to the client and design team 

  • Adapt and refine your work based on feedback 

  • Maintain good communication 

  • Be confident using creative programs and technologies e.g. Photoshop, Painter, SketchUp, illustrator. 

  • Meet strict deadlines. 




  • Degree in fine art preferred 

  • Knowledge of Photoshop is a must. 

  • Bold and inspirational under tight deadlines. 

  • Have a positive attitude and a constant drive to succeed. 


  • Avid gamer and mobile app enthusiast 

  • Portfolio that shows interesting, stylized characters and environments. 

  • Strong foundation in the traditional arts: color theory, figure drawing, traditional 2D animation, illustration, background layout, and/or painting are all big pluses.