Job Description

Senior Unity Developer
Department: Unity
Position: Senior Software Engineer
Role and responsibilities:
  • Responsibilities

    • Fulfill the role of the primary project resource and leader for 1 project and oversee all project aspects and ensure its successful execution.
    • Lead 1-2 sub-projects with junior developers, creating plans and ensuring on-time completion.
    • Steering a team of two or more talented individuals to reach their highest potential.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in delivering high-quality, error-free projects.
    • Identify and bridge gaps in the technical aspects of project plans and sprint tasks, ensuring a seamless and top-notch execution.
    • Implement design patterns and innovative project architectures, enhancing the projects' robustness.
    • Provide accurate estimates for project and project Tasks , also create efficient project plans.
    • Conduct code reviews, raising the bar for code quality and maintaining unwavering standards that align with the company's vision.
    • Be the visionary who identifies the organization's technological needs of tomorrow, ensuring a dynamic and future-ready tech landscape.
    • Distribute tasks among team members with finesse, ensuring a harmonious workload balance and optimal productivity.
    • Oversee the entire implementation process, assuring seamless alignment with specifications and milestones.
    • Actively troubleshoot and resolve issues faced by team members, navigating challenges to keep the project on track for smooth progression.
    • Create thorough and comprehensive technical documentation, ensuring every aspect of the project is recorded for future reference.
    • Establish technology best practices and guidelines that set the industry benchmark, contributing to a higher standard of development excellence.
    • Demonstrate your prowess as a Game Developer, leveraging your leadership role to inspire others while keeping your game development skills sharp and unmatched.

  • Requirements:

    A minimum of 4+ years of experience is required: comprehensive 4+ years of total experience in game development, with at least 2 years exclusively dedicated to Unity3D projects.

    Unleash Your Expertise: BE/BTech degree in a technology domain, such as Computer Science, Games Technology, or a related field.

    Should have shipped 2-3 Games to store(Android, iOS) / Should have worked on AAA console Game (Main Features Like Multiplayer, core gameplay)


    Should possess strong knowledge of:

    • Multiplayer Game development using Photon, Smartfox, Sockets or similar technologies.
    • Experience of resource Managing & mentoring.
    • Strong knowledge of programming Design Patterns, Inversion Of control.
    • Rest API implementations
    • Strong knowledge of unity Game Engine, optimization, URP,HDRP
    • Strong knowledge of C#
    • Strong Aptitude