Job Description

Senior QA Engineer
Department: Quality Analysis
Position: Senior QA Engineer
Role and responsibilities:

Role Definition:

The role will be responsible for complete testing activities – designing test scenarios, test cases, reporting defects and follow up until closure. Interact with other teams and be good team player in all the project related activities from QA perspective.

Core Responsibilities:

·  Ability to create test cases, execute them & mentor juniors / intermediates in the team in creation of test cases to ensure a complete coverage of the task at all levels

· Assume responsibilities of a task leader and work closely with Project lead to plan the task for the day and assign sub tasks to team members

· Ability to create & execute test plans & test scenarios for the assigned project & be actively involved within the team for task execution as a task lead/feature owner

· Complete assigned tasks with the expected level of quality in time & support juniors and intermediates to complete the task on time with quality

· Ability to review assigned feature of the game, to analyze and find all bugs

· Fluent with bug reporting, regression process, bug database management and ensure timely regression of issues for himself/herself and the team

· Need to keep himself/herself updated with the project issues and track issues of the team to have them fixed

· Maintain QC & Project Standards for bug writing, ensures the same is done by others in the team

· Proactively raise alarms when he/she comes across a major issue and communicate it to Lead/PM with a list of issues/concerns

· Guides & helps juniors within the team to optimize their work practices and work towards being efficient

· Maintain a feature effort tracker for the team and optimize the test results accordingly with the support of leads

· Keep a track of the progress of tests through the day and ensure that all deliverables meet the deadlines without any compromise on quality

· Takes ownership/responsibility of the team in absence of Leads

· Involved in QC/Project Training as a Trainer for onboarding new joiners, also contribute towards the training program with suggestions and content

· Create the training content for the team by collecting relevant information, creating a framework around it and suggest the training needs required for the team members to team managers

· Ability to identify training needs from Dev. QC and work along with the manager to setup the same for the team

· Use experience to share best practices within the team and avoid mistakes from previous projects

· Escalate issues regarding the team's motivation/working/bonding/conflicts to the team lead, suggest viable actions and work towards having a positive environment in the team

· Acquainted with different tests for video games (Compliance, Compatibility, Special Tests, etc.)

· Complete awareness of the gaming industry (market leaders, upcoming lineup of games, current gaming trends, end user tendencies, etc.)

· Look for the available tools which were already developed and how we could efficiently use them on current project with minor changes and additions.

· Aware of the current projects competitors and updated with user feedback from relevant forums

· Actively initiate transversal activities and contributes to existing activities within the team

· Awareness on QC/Project vision & supporting pillars

Technical Knowledge:

· Strong knowledge of the Game/Feature design, with the help of design documents and strong collaboration with the dev team

· Should have strong knowledge of different test methodologies e.g., Sanity, Smoke, Localization etc

· Familiar with production processes like sprint cycles, agile methodology, production pipeline, scrum, etc

· Well aware about the Game design, brand history and helps improve awareness about this within the team and constantly improve on the same

· Has a good understanding of the scope of automation and comes up with use cases for the tasks/features he/she worked on

· Have strong knowledge on SDLC/SGP processes and support the QC lead in planning the tests for smooth execution of validations


· Communicates clearly and constructively in complex situations to reach objectives & consistently use data to back up his/her views in both written & verbal formats to build the ability to convince others

· Clearly expresses their views in both written & verbal communication

· Collates information on tasks from Dev Partners and shares it proactively within the team & collates all the queries of the QC team members and shares it with the Production team for answers

· Communicate with the development team in regards with the game area that you are in charge of and proactively share this knowledge with team

· Very good written (mails, reports, etc.) and spoken English (giving feedback, participation in meetings, skype calls with production team & 3rd Parties) in a professional setup


· Ability to collate information from multiple tasks and consolidate it into a complete feature report

· Ability to keep a live track of the current feature health with the help of feature owners and report the details to the Leads and Dev partners

Core Competencies:

· With each pass on a task he/she improves the time taken and changes approach for himself and the team & shows clear signs of optimization in tasks/daily activities

· Autonomous with his daily task/activities & has the ability to drive the team (Lead by example)

· Ability to assess the risks on the assigned tasks and come up with viable solutions

· Is able to resolve interpersonal conflicts within the team constructively

· Analytical mind and good problem-solving aptitude (come up with real time solutions to everyday work-related problems)

· Excellent mentoring and leadership skills

· Passionate about Video Games (Thorough knowledge of video game genres and different factors that drive gaming experiences)

· Creative, Inquisitive, Curious & proficient time manager

· Consistently works towards improving their skill sets in order to achieve on their current role

· A solid team player with previous experience of handling entire or parts of a team for a common objective

Technical Competencies:

· Have a strong gaming background with strong knowledge of the gaming industry and new technologies

· Well acquainted with the tools he is working on and helps troubleshoot issues faced on them by the team & helps improve the overall platform knowledge within the team

· Need to have a thorough knowledge on all the gaming terminologies (Scopes, Components etc.)

· Well acquainted with MS Office and helps troubleshoot problems faced by Juniors and assist team by creating MS office templates that can be reused

· Excellent skills & hands on experience of using any defect tracking tool (JIRA, Dev Track, Bug Zilla etc.) and utilizes the same to keep updated with the project issues

· Have strong knowledge & ability to execute 1st party compliance guidelines

· Ability to troubleshoot technical and IT issues & also help/support the junior members in the team in troubleshooting their issues

· Play games of the Genre he/she is working on in order to understand the genre better

· Have good understanding of the scope of automation and comes up with use cases for the tasks/features he worked on for Task optimization

· Ability to execute complex technical & legal requirement checks on any platform

Behavioral Competencies:

· Is approachable by other members in the team and provides valuable suggestions, feedback for improvement/troubleshooting the problems

· Builds professional relationship across the organization & treats others in a respectful & supportive manner

· Need to be autonomous and perform/handle the tests efficiently

· Is passionate towards her/his task/job

· Work closely with other team-members to share, discuss and clarify issues essential to effective execution of project

· Ability to drive specific tasks/features within the team by inculcating a culture of teamwork

· Need to adhere to the confidentiality guidelines and abide by the policies set by the organization (NDA)

· Need to work with inclusive mindset


Preferable Skills:

· Previous experience with team handling and team management is a plus

· Familiar with the e-sports scene on an international level

· Hands-on experience with any Automation Tools

· Awareness of Machine Learning, AI, Data Analysis

· ISTQB certified in manual Testing & Automation

· Hands-on knowledge on Network configuration & Network tests

· Hands-on knowledge on scripting and ability to develop tools